Government Action


The Government is incredibly driven to improving children and young people's mental health.

  • It is increasing the provision of counselling in schools and is offering £300 million to support mental health services in schools and colleges.
  • The Government has announced within the UK Youth Parliament Report on Mental Health its intention to set up a new national strategic partnership to focus on improving the mental health of 16-25 year olds.
  • This will join up key parties to encourage better coordination of services and ensure better results for students.
  • Universities are being asked to significantly improve their mental health support to students. 
  • The Department for Education will lead a working group into the transition students face when going to university, to ensure they have the right support in place.
  • The Department for Education will also seek to develop a workable disclosure agreement for universities, giving them permission to share information on student mental health with parents or a trusted person.