Know Your Rights at Work


Mental and psychological stress within the workplace is extremely common and certain measures are set in place to protect you as an employee in an attempt to limit the influence that your role may have on your mental health. Through a combination of legislative measures such as The Equality Act 2010, and regulatory bodies such as The Care Quality Commission, strict rules and procedures exist to ensure a minimum expectation that employers must adhere to. This notably includes working hours, breaks, holiday allowances and pay equality. 

Citizens Advice

The role that Citizens Advice play in outlining and explaining the rights that exist within the workplace can be linked to the need for support when an employee's day to day role becomes far more than just a source of income, but instead a risk to their physical and mental well-being. The issues may stem around shortened lunch breaks, elongated work days, restricted access to holidays, or ultimately low pay for the work that is being carried out. The Citizens Advice website explains in great detail the processes and measures that must be adhered to by an employer. The categories are as follows;

  • Basic Rights & Contracts
  • Pay
  • Holiday
  • Sick Pay
  • Parental Rights
  • Flexible Working
  • Agency Workers

In order to find out more about the role that Citizens Advice plays in ensuring an employee's rights at work are respected, please visit their website by clicking here