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Top tips for Schools

  • Teaching meditation techniques; incorporating physical activity into the daily routine; implementing initiatives and programmes designed by external organisations to support mental health.
  • Counselling availability. Peer mentoring and buddying schemes are recommended to support children, especially for those suffering from anxiety. Other targeted support could include anger management and self-harm sessions; support groups; and a range of interventions including art, play, music and Lego therapy. 
  • Having a dedicated space is pivotal to supporting mental health in schools and colleges. These spaces are calming environments to take a break from the classroom

Developing a whole-school approach to mental health

  • Whole school approaches can achieve reductions in risks affecting children’s mental health. They accomplish this by improving children’s’ emotional, social and behavioural skills as well as their focus, empathy, coping skills, self-control, self-esteem, lower the risk of anxiety, bullying, hyperactivity and aggression.
  • ‘The Blues Programme’ run by Action for Children is a course which actively engages students, primarily in Secondary Schools, suffering, or at risk of developing, a mental health condition. If you are concerned about your child or a friend that you believe may need support, you can access valuable resources on the Action for Children page. More information on the Blues Programme can be found here.
  • YoungMinds are calling for schools to prioritise the well-being of their students through greater recognition for the good work that schools do on well-being, proper funding for well-being initiatives, and mental health to be an integral part of teacher training. They are committed to consolidating the Ofsted approach to well-being of students in schools and highlighting the importance of well-being for a healthy educational experience.

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