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  • While mental health problems can occur at any stage of life, the statistics for university students are particularly alarming.
  • Research has shown that one in every four students experience mental health issues at some point during their time at university, with nearly half of those saying they struggle to complete daily tasks as a result.

How University Services can help you:

  • With one in five students now making use of their university mental health support service, it's clear that if you're struggling with your mental health at university, you are not alone.
  • Many universities offer free and confidential counselling services which can either be accessed through self-referral or through your university or local GP.
  • You may want to ask your Student Union if they offer student-led services if you are looking for something less formal i.e. talking to other students rather than a counsellor. 

An example of a University with excellent resources for students who are struggling to cope or would like to improve their overall well-being is the University of Sussex.

They offer services through five main routes:

Student orientated charities exist with targets based around utilising the presence of peers, friends or other students during an individual's time at university. The organisation Student Minds look at the importance each student can have on another student's outlook on life.

 Student Minds 

  • Student Minds help to run support groups for students struggling with their mental health, and a campaign to improve the state of student mental health as a whole.
  • They work with students, service users, professionals & academics to develop new and innovative ways to improve the mental health of students. 
  • One of the main incentives is training and equipping students and peers to be able to offer help to those around them, making the most of the trust and links that exist between one student and another. 
  • Student Minds realise that it is not only those who are suffering that need the support and guidance, but also those who are offering the helping hand or the chance to talk. It is important that they are given the best training and resources possible to ensure effective and personable support to their friends and peers at university.


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